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Lizards and Lies
A Conspiracy Theory Boardgame

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A boardgame that shows how conspiracy theory moves online

Lizards and Lies is a 2v2 (or 1v1) battler that lets you play with the push and pull of conspiracy theory moving through social media. Play as one of four characters and use unique abilities and cards to influence the network. Platform Moderators and Literacy Educators face off against Edgelords and Conspiracy theorists in this asymmetrical team brawler.


Will you sow conspiracy or stop it in its tracks?

Play as one of four characters

Conspiracy Theorists

Build up communities, create buy-in from neighbours and control networks


Choose a community and cause chaos. Follow your plan to stir the pot and spread lies.

Platform Moderators

Digital Literacy Educators

Flag content, train algorithms, and track down the culprits who are spreading lies.

Teach communities to critique the chaos that comes across their front page.

A Game and Research Tool

Its a boardgames that lets players see how conspiracy theory on social media is influenced by a national event to gain ground, engage with algorithms, and spread lies.

Lizards and Lies was designed to model and study the idea  of a "disinformation war" which we wrote about here. Finding that conspiracy moves in an ecosystem we re-evaluated our model and turned it into the game it is today. Use it in classrooms, libraries, or just for fun.

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The Team and Sponsors

The Design Team

20220530 Scott DeJong 3.jpg

Project Lead - Scott DeJong

Lead Designer - Scott DeJong

Producer - Dr. Fenwick McKelvey

Lead Graphic Designer- Alexander Bustamante

Designer - Natalia Balska

Special Thanks

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Canada Logo Fr.jpg

This project was funded in part by the Government of Canada. We appreciate the support from the Digital Citizens Contribution Fund.

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MAchine Agencies Logo.png

Parts of this project and its dissemination were funded by:

  • Technoculture Arts and Games Lab

  • Machine Agencies

  • Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship

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